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This is a YEAR ROUND Market held each week (except on significant holidays).

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From Inyoni Farm in Naples, FL:

Pineapple 8Available at this week’s market:

The PINEAPPLES are going strong in this sultry summer weather!!

Purple Spoon will have these amazing golden gems of Inyoni Farm available at the Wednesday market.

Farmer Nick will be enjoying a few weeks of rest and rejuvenation while the cover crop at the farm is rejuvenating the soil.  He will be back in August with more treasures from the farm.

(All items are grown following organic standards. 80% of Inyoni Farm is USDA Organic Certified.  20% of the farm is grown under the same organic standards but is in the midst of the transitional 3 year period to become Organic Certified.)


12 Seasons Farm
in Fort Myers

Heirloom Tomatoes 12 SeasonsAvailable at this week’s market:

 Cucumbers and EGGS from 12 Seasons Farm will be made available from Purple Spoon. 

Farmers Danny & Vicki have packed up the kids for a road trip westward for some relaxation and to visit with their extended family. The fields of 12 Seasons has also gone into rest mode to allow the soil to rejuvenate. The bounty of this farm will be back later in the year.

All fruit from 12 Seasons Farm is naturally grown using organic practices. The citrus is Unwaxed and Untreated, a rarity in the citrus industry and ensures the best quality and cleanest fruit possible.

The pastured raised chickens that live a very happy life at 12 Seasons receive only organic feed along with the produce grown on the farm that doesn’t make the cut for market sales and the chickens are allowed to forage for critters as nature intended. The eggs these ladies produce are an amazing treat that will be featured at this dinner and are also available at our Locally Grown Produce Market held each Wednesday at Purple Spoon.


From Asbury Acres in Fort MyersEggs with sign about holistic

Available at this week’s market:

All animals at Asbury Acres are raised free range and provided with a Non-GMO certified feed.  This farm follows organic practices of raising their animals to produce an exceptional meat and egg product that has seriously impressive flavor. 

Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs, Whole Duck, Whole Chicken, Turkey Eggs, Various Cuts of Pork, Aloe Leaves


From Florida Microgreens

in Cape Coral


TableshotAvailable at this week’s market:

Microgreens, or “sprouts” of Super Food Mix, Arugula, Broccoli, Carrot, Onion (or Leek), Cabbage, Purple Kohlrabi, Radish, Wasabi Mustard, Rachel’s Spice Mix & Amaranth. Nasturtium Leaves will be a unique, new offering this week!

Florida MicroGreens is a studio showcasing vertical hydroponic growing systems. We grow microgreens and deliver to Southwest Florida!

We are located in Cape Coral, Florida offering living microgreens grown in 100% filtered water, on hemp medium, in foodsafe containers.  Check out the full details about the flavor profiles and health benefits of Florida Microgreens products here.

To visit this weekly market please see the address for Purple Spoon and map on the right side of this page.  We hope you will come join us to shop the wide array of delicious ingredients including carrots, whole head lettuce, okra, beets, Asian greens, tomatoes, herbs, pineapple, free range eggs, hydroponic salad greens, tropical fruits, sprouts, micro green and many other amazing seasonal goodies.  All produce sold at this market is grown in Naples or Fort Myers and will be sold directly from the farmers.  Please have cash or check ready for your purchases.